Cedeco are an innovative engineering company developing solutions for O&G and renewables sectors.  

Their OWGP project explores mechanical alternatives to grout for their non-grouted connector foundation installation solution.  Cedeco are working with the National Composites Centre (NCC) to explore the use of composite materials. 

Smart Component Technologies

SCT provide condition monitoring for highly critical industrial assets and specialise in remote monitoring of bolted connections.  

Their OWGP project will develop, test and evaluate a new variant of their Smart Washer for offshore wind application.  This involves developing a clamp force sensor to be compatible with very large bolts, meeting the regulatory requirements and conducting lab testing to demonstrate the system performance.  The Smart Washer offers a step change in cost efficiency and usability over the nearest state-of-the-art.

W3G Marine

W3G Marine have designed, developed, and have exclusive IP rights to a Foundation Stabilisation Tool (FST) that holds jacket foundation legs rigifly inside seabed piles while the grout in the annulus cures during installation.  Successful completion of offshore trials (EA1) has resulted in the FST system being specified for a large upcoming project.  

Their OWGP project will assess the feasibility of automated robotic welding of the FST packers for rapid, low cost, mass production.  Cyberweld are the delivery partner in this project to develop and test the robotic application.


Magnomatics are developing a high efficiency magnetic direct drive generator for offshore wind turbines using their proprietary magnetic gear technology.    

Their OWGP Project

ROBOMAG will develop a pick-and-place robot to position and bond strong magnets in machines. This does not rely on bespoke tooling and can be used across wide range of machine sizes. AMRC are delivery partners in ROBOMAG, assessing the feasibility of robotic assembly of generators for safer and cheaper manufacturing processes

Global Energy Group

Global Energy Group are a global services company operating across various energy sectors, offering construction, maintenance, engineering, manufacturing and logistics support.  They have a strong track record in fabrication, maintenance, specialist access support, logistics and marshalling in the offshore wind sector.  

Their OWGP project will support advanced manufacturing processes, developing artificial intelligence and machine learning for robotic welding during jacket fabrication.  The Nuclear AMRC are the chosen delivery partner for this project, supporting welding robotics, machine learning and autonomous decision making.

Sennen Tech

Sennen Tech offer a complete asset management platform for offshore wind operations.

Their OWGP Project

Sennen will combine IoT data with operations data from London Array to give detailed, reliable data about the sources and causes of lost production to better inform offshore wind O&M strategies.  To ensure this module is used by a range of shareholders they will develop an intuitive user interface enabling cross-disciplinary staff to delve into relationships between O&M actions, site conditions and lost production.   Additionally, appropriate metrics that can be used to drive efficiency and to underpin operations strategy will be defined, calculated and visualised.

Cognitive Business

Cognitive Business are specialists in machine learning (ML), developing predictive maintenance solutions for offshore wind O&M application. 

Their OWGP Project

Wind Accessibility Verification for Enhanced Safety (WAVES) is supported by RWE Renewables and will enable a highly localised assessment of safe conditions for vessel to turbine technician transfers

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