Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

Driving safety and efficiency in operations and maintenance through applied AI technologies.

Business profile

Engineering, machine learning, software, and industrial internet of things (IIOT) company.

Applied-AI specialists.

Scale-up > 10 Employees

Support recieved
Grant Funding
Business Transformation
Cognitive successfully won grant funding from OWGP to develop its core technology and sought to undertake the WEST business transformation programme, which helped to build a long-term future for the business within the Offshore Wind market.

Solutions for the offshore wind industry

Supporting 6% of the UK’s Offshore Wind sector.

WAVES saves wind farms over £1M per GW annually.

Technology improves operations and maintenance and health and safety.

A closer look at Cognitive Business

Cognitive provides machine learning technology targeting improvements in forecasting, safety, reliability, production, and performance of assets across the energy industry.

Cognitiveʼs leading product for the Offshore Wind sector, WAVES, serves to make the maintenance of Offshore Wind assets safer and more efficient through the use of AI.

A particular area where WAVES provides assistance is in the planning of crew transfers. The machine learning assists with ensuring transfers happen at the optimum time to ensure maintenance crewʼs safety.

Impact of the support

Enabled Cognitive to develop its core technology product, WAVES.

Secured contracts, now supporting 6% of the UK’s Offshore Wind capacity.

Developed a product roadmap to expand the business.


Cognitive was founded in 2018 by three ex E.ON and Uniper employees with the goal of advancing machine learning capabilities, to drive efficiency and safety in the energy sector.

The team at Cognitive had the passion, the expertise and the skillset needed to make their vision a success, but they

lacked funding to build products like WAVES. The team found OWGP through the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult network and successfully applied for two rounds of grant funding support.


In 2019, OWGP awarded Cognitive £70,000 to develop the WAVES technology and upon successful completion of its beta product, the business was awarded a second grant in 2020 of

£57,000 for further innovation to access wider markets.

The Cognitive founders recognised that they would benefit from sector specific business development support and successfully applied to join the three-month OWGP business transformation programme, WEST.

During the programme Cognitive worked on a one-to-one basis with OWGP’s consultant partners to analyse each of the Offshore Wind markets it was planning to enter, and explored other opportunities in Offshore Wind to inform and develop a long-term product roadmap and business strategy.


The early-stage funding and business development support provided by OWGP enabled Cognitive to get its WAVES product from concept stage to minimum viable product (MVP), with a clear go-to-market strategy.

Cognitive went on to secure a contract with RWE to develop its WAVES technology further and, at time of writing, WAVES is supporting 6% of the UK’s Offshore Wind capacity.

“It’s hugely helpful to have a dedicated source of funding to bring innovative ideas to life for the Offshore Wind industry. Without OWGP’s support, it would have taken much longer to develop the WAVES product.”

Founder and Managing Director, Cognitive