Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

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Installation products for the Offshore Wind sector.

Business profile

10+ years of experience in the Offshore Wind sector.

Annual turnover of £2M.

10+ employees.

Support recieved
Grant Funding
Business Transformation
W3G Marine received an innovation grant to trial an automated, scalable production process to improve the commercial competitiveness of a key product within its portfolio of Offshore Wind installation tools.

Solutions for the offshore wind industry

Trialling use of robotic welding machines.

Product certified to industrial standards.

Potential for 10-fold growth.

A closer look at W3G Marine

W3G Marine is well established in the Offshore Wind sector with 10 years of experience providing engineering services and installation tools to the industry.

The companyʼs inflatable packer is an innovative foundation stabilisation tool that has successfully been trialled at East Anglia One Offshore Wind Farm with a follow on contract successfully secured. W3G Marine needed to invest significant CAPEX to develop a manufacturing process if

it was to sell this solution at scale and lead the market.

Impact of the support

CAPEX assistance to undertake a production process trial.

Funding is developing a manufacturing process to increase product quality and help the company to scale.

Opportunity for 10-fold growth.


W3G Marine saw huge potential in a product within its range of Offshore Wind installation tools but was confronted with a large CAPEX investment to develop an automated manufacturing process.

As it stood, its Foundation Stabilisation Tool (FST) was proving popular with customers in the Offshore Wind sector, but the highly manual nature of the production process was stifling the companyʼs ability to produce the product at scale.

W3G Marine needed to find investment if it was going to unlock huge growth for the company’s future.


After coming across OWGP at an event at Strathclyde University in 2019, W3G Marine applied for an innovation grant and was awarded £54,000 in early 2020.

The funding is enabling W3G Marine to undertake a manufacturing trial to explore the use of robotic welding machines to drive down manufacturing costs, increase product quality and enable production at a significantly faster rate, all key improvements the organisation requires to scale.


The trials went well allowing W3G Marine to further develop and certify it’s Foundation Stabilisation Tool to Industry Standard DNV-ST-0126 Edition 7-2018. In addition the FST has been demonstrated on the East Anglia Windfarm.

“We couldn’t have jumped on this opportunity to grow the business without the grant funding from OWGP. This cash injection has allowed us to innovate and explore the use of robotic welding to reduce our cost base, improve our quality and take on board more of the scope directly.”

Technical Director, W3G Marine