Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

Engineering solutions for components, jigs and fixtures

Business profile

Engineering company based in Northeast England

Services include Design, Milling, Turning, Fabrication and Coatings

Offering turnkey engineering solutions using industry led design software, specialist machinery and delivered by a highly skilled team.

Support recieved
Business Transformation
The production of precision machined components, jigs, and fixtures. Their skilled team from Washington in Northeast England utilises industry leading machining technologies to deliver high-quality components tailored to meet the rigorous standards of the Offshore Wind and Renewables sector.

Solutions for the offshore wind industry

The production of precision machined components, jigs, and fixtures

Reverse engineering, production problem solving and process improvement techniques

Turnkey component design and manufacture

A closer look at Turnmill Engineering

Established in 2018, Turnmill are north east engineering specialists. They offer design and manufacture solutions to the renewable, automotive, construction, oil & gas and pharmaceutical industries. Supplying high quality components at a reasonable cost with fast turnaround, they provide jigs, fixtures and parts to regional and national companies. With expertise in production problem solving, reverse engineering and process improvement techniques, they help manufacturers to reduce costs and achieve production targets.

Impact of the support

Team has grown to 8 members of staff, and office space has expanded

Accredited to ISO9001

New agreements with offshore wind companies including DME systems and Modus


Before engaging with OWGP, Turnmill had a primary focus on the automotive sector, specialising in the manufacturing of jigs and fixtures, as well as providing problem-solving solutions for manufacturing challenges. Their expertise in catering to the specific needs of the automotive industry established them as a reliable partner, known for delivering precision and efficiency in the production key components and tailored solutions to address manufacturing complexities.


Upon investigation, it was determined that their services and products were well-suited to the Offshore Wind and Renewables sector. However, two obstacles needed to be addressed. Firstly, there was limited awareness of Turnmill within the sector, and secondly, ISO9001 certification was essential. To overcome these challenges, Turnmill sought and received support from OWGP, enhancing visibility in the industry and successfully attaining ISO9001 certification. This support played a pivotal role in establishing their presence, reinforcing commitment to quality, and creating trust within the sector.


Following the business support received, significant changes were implemented to enhance Turnmill’s standing in the industry. To boost visibility, they executed a plan that involved becoming members of NOF and actively featuring in their social media. Additionally, they successfully attained ISO9001 certification and secured offshore wind partnerships with clients such as OREC, DME Systems, and Modus. The growth trajectory prompted the creation of new positions, investment in new machinery and a milestone moment with the recruitment of the company’s first apprentice. Furthermore, this success facilitated the expansion of operations into a new office.

Since working with OWGP on the WEST programme Turnmill has undergone significant developments. Initiatives to boost our profile, secure ISO9001 certification and actively engage with industry networks like NOF have delivered tangible and positive results for the business.

ANDREW HOWE, Turnmill Engineering
Operations Director