Sector Background

The UK offshore wind industry supply chain has the potential to grow significantly through increased sales into the growing UK market, and through exports.  The economic analysis which underpins the Offshore Wind Sector Deal prospectus shows a global market of £33bn a year by 2030 with UK exports worth 2.6bn per year and 27,000 jobs by 2030 – a three-fold increase on today’s level.

Overall Objectives

The OWGP aims to maximise the economic benefits of the UK’s world-leading position in offshore wind by delivering increased productivity and competitiveness that will drive increased UK content into offshore windfarms in the rapidly growing global market as well as in the UK. The aerospace and automotive sectors have demonstrated the value that can be created from growth partnerships and the offshore wind sector is building on the lessons learned from these more mature sectors. OWGP will promote greater collaboration, increase business competitiveness, support greater innovation, attract new entrants and grow existing companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the OWGP, its activities and the way it can help you.

Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) is a long-term business transformation programme that will promote closer collaboration across the supply chain, implement structured productivity improvement programmes and facilitate shared growth opportunities between developers and the supply chain.

ORE Catapult will be a main delivery partner with support of other companies to work on business improvement programme.

Funding for the programme will come from Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) members, supply chain match and regional collaborations.

The OWGP is one of a number of programmes delivered by ORE Catapult under its remit to support technology innovation and research in offshore wind and support the growth of the UK supply chain through delivering increased productivity and competitiveness to drive increased UK content into offshore windfarms in the rapidly growing global market as well as in the UK.

Type of funding will depend on the strand and selected programme. Whilst there may be some grant funding to companies, the majority of activity will be delivered as services and OWGP will establish a framework agreement with delivery partners to provide specialist skills, consultancy and training activities. Supported companies will be expected to match in kind – rather than cash.

OWGP is a first of a kind business transformation programme in offshore wind industry. Rather than just a funding agency it is a long-term and holistic initiative that aims to improve company’s productivity and competitiveness. In difference to many funding agencies, most funds will be spent for services rather than grant funding.

You can still apply to Offshore Wind Growth Partnership as long as you will meet the eligibility criteria.

OWGP welcomes UK companies from all industries that would like to operate in offshore wind, including ones that don’t currently have experience in this sector. For details about specific strands click below.

Strands Overview

Application process will differ between strands. Businesses willing to participate in the programme are welcomed to register and fill in an expression of interest form. If a company will meet initial eligibility criteria it will be invited to submit a detailed application.

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