Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

Site mobilisation services, component design and manufacture for the renewables and engineering sectors.

Business profile

Small start-up maintaining business throughout the global pandemic.

Already operating in the Offshore Wind sector, predominantly in site mobilisation.

Seeking new equipment to increase breadth of offering to clients.

Support recieved
Business Transformation
Grant Funding
CASC used the funding from OWGP for a capital expenditure purchase of two pieces of manufacturing equipment critical to expanding the company’s engineering capabilities. The tube laser allows CASC to work with 3D metal profiles to manufacture structures such as staircases and platforms, while the secondary flatbed laser further improves CASC’s capacity to manufacture components for site operations.

Solutions for the offshore wind industry

Tube lasers save up to 83% manufacturing time in comparison to traditional manufacturing methods.

Improved precision, versatility and efficiency of laser cutting saves costs for clients.

In-house capabilities to design, manufacture and install both flat and 3D profiles of various materials up to 200mm thickness.

A closer look at CASC

The new equipment will facilitate CASC’s growth plans within Offshore Wind by allowing the company to offer clients a more diverse range of products and services, such as frames, platforms and walkways. It will also boost CASC’s exports by increasing the company’s capacity to quickly resolve issues on site through the provision of its own manufactured components.

Impact of the support

Enhanced the company’s offering by expanding its engineering capablities.

Unlocked potential of export market.

Created 120 jobs.


Prior to engaging with OWGP, CASC had a strong reputation in Offshore Wind having already worked on multiple projects in the sector. Encouraged by consultations with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and in line with the company’s growth plans, CASC was seeking to upscale the scope of its offering beyond site mobilisation to include the design and manufacture of components for the sector.


Having approached OWGP for the competitive Development Grant in November 2020, CASC secured the funding in March 2021 and purchased a tube laser and flatbed laser to complement the company’s existing suite of cutting tools.

The new equipment arrived and was installed in January 2022.


With a more diverse portfolio of products and services,

CASC is now well positioned to secure projects of enhanced scope. The company has already manufactured and delivered components made by the new equipment to Offshore Wind customers across the globe, and is experiencing growing demand. CASC now has an unrivalled suite of technology, featuring a range of cutting, friction drilling and tapping benefits ideal to meeting the needs of the global Offshore Wind sector.

“We are an ambitious and driven company with extensive growth plans in Offshore Wind energy.

The funding from OWGP has helped us take the next vital step in our development – ensuring we stay relevant and viable in a fiercely competitive, rapidly changing sector.”

Managing Director, CASC Limited