Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

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The world’s first unmanned and semi-autonomous rescue vessels.

Business profile

Developing solutions for the safety of mariners.

Start-up in technology development phase.

< 15 employees.

Support recieved
Grant Funding
Zelim won grant funding from OWGP to undertake commercialisation tests of its patented overboard recovery solution, enabling the business to secure customer demonstrators with both a crew transfer vessel (CTV) operator and an offshore wind farm owner operator, and deepen its relationship with wind farm original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Solutions for the offshore wind industry

Immediately deployable unmanned rescue crafts reduce risk to rescue crews.

Deliver blanket health and safety coverage across a wind farm.

Frees up resources for operations and maintenance activity.

A closer look at Zelim

Zelim’s patented overboard recovery system sets a new benchmark in safety, providing the ability to recover people from the water in seconds with a single operator. Where other solutions are slower at getting people out of the water and challenging to operate alone, Zelim provides unrivaled speed and single handed or autonomous solutions.

Impact of the support

Completed proof of concept for next generation person overboard detection system.

Established a safety case for the technology in an operational Offshore Wind farm.

Raised the company’s profile within the Offshore Wind industry and potential investors.


Prior to working with OWGP, Zelim had engaged with other enabling organisations and programmes to support growth in Offshore Wind such as ORE Catapult’s Launch Academy and had successfully secured innovation funding to support earlier stages of the technology’s development.


With OWGP’s support, Zelim completed commercialisation testing of its patented overboard recovery solution which enabled the business to create evidence of the technology’s capabilities and impact. This evidence was instrumental in Zelim’s communications and business development work to secure customer demonstrators with both a CTV operator and an Offshore Wind farm owner operator and deepening Zelim’s relationship with wind farm OEMs.


Upon completion of the project, Zelim reached technology readiness level 8 (TRL8) with its technology, a critical step in the pathway to commercialisation. Zelim found that its association to OWGP provided significant credibility in the Offshore Wind market, raising its profile within the industry and with potential investors.

“Working with OWGP has been a great experience, both logistically and from an industry engagement perspective, where we have had access to industry support throughout the duration of our project; helping to make sure that we develop products that are fit for the market.

Overall, we are looking to continue and deepen our relationship with OWGP and would encourage any other companies looking to get into Offshore Wind to apply.”

CEO, Zelim