Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

Modular floating platform for industrial-scale floating offshore wind.

Business profile

Team of 28+ based in South Wales, UK

Marine energy technology company supplying a flexible floating platform for the offshore wind market

PelaFlex platform has been designed with industrial-scale floating offshore wind in mind

Support recieved
Business Transformation
Marine Power Systems (MPS) provides technology for maximising energy extraction using offshore wind, power delivered from a flexible, modular low-cost floating platform, PelaFlex. MPS is focused on sites deeper than ~60m offshore, where fixed-bottom wind is not economical.

Solutions for the offshore wind industry

PelaFlex modular platform design has only four distinct primary steel parts, enabling simple logistics, fast assembly, and alignment with local supply chains

Tension-legged platform design delivers a high degree of system stability, minimal seabed footprint, and zero tilt, reducing the wear and tear on the turbine

Low overall mass and zero tilt maximises energy yields, allows for simple installation using standard vessels and increases operation and maintenance

A closer look at Marine Power Systems

Marine Power Systems have intellectual property rights for the floating structure.

MPS also have manufacture, fabrication, assembly, deployment, installation and operational know-how, plus significant engagement with the global supply chain and port infrastructure to minimise cost, maximise local content and accelerate development timelines.

Impact of the support

Strengthened the company’s commercial strategy leading to several offshore wind MOUs and collaboration agreements with energy developers, EPC’s and engineering companies worldwide

Seen headcount grow by 10%

PelaFlex platform received feasibility Certification from DNV in September 2023, thanks in part to ongoing OWGP support


MPS were steadily developing a fabrication and assembly strategy for the PelaFlex platform and cost model while simultaneously looking for ways to accelerate and refine the process with improved outcomes, after an extensive review of various possibilities MPS decided to partner with OWGP via Xodus on the WEST programme as this offered a good pathway to move forward.


OWGP partnered Marine Power Systems with Xodus on the WEST programme, which supported Marine Power Systems with a template to further develop a fabrication and assembly strategy for their PelaFlex platform, particularly the programme accelerated the development of a detailed model improving cost accuracy enhancing the MPS business model of delivering a low cost finished platform to the quay side.


Thanks to OWGP support and a strong commercial strategy, MPS have entered into partnerships and MOUs with researchers, engineering companies, EPC’s, Ports and offshore wind developers worldwide. These include RWE in the Celtic Sea, SimplyBlue Group in Northern Ireland, the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, Biscay Marine Energy platform in Spain (BiMEP), and JGC Group in Japan. MPS are planning to commence our megawatt scale demonstrator in BiMEP during 2024 with completion scheduled for late 2025.

“The support received from the OWGP WEST programme assisted MPS in gaining enhanced industry traction not just in the UK but also Europe and globally.”

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