Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

Wind Expert Support Toolkit (WEST)


Applications are not currently being accepted.


You are eligible to apply to WEST if your company or organisation meets one or more of the following criteria:
  • Company or organisation based in the UK wishing to work in the offshore wind sector
  • Established UK company or organisation that works in other sectors and wishes to transition into offshore wind sector
  • UK company or organisation already working in the offshore wind sector requiring more focused support or strategic input to enhance their future direction and growth opportunities

Scoping Guidance

To boost your chance of success, always read the scoping document to check your eligibility before you start the application.

Scope Guidance




Top tips for a successful Business Transformation application

Frequently asked questions

The WEST Programme is open to all companies regardless of their size or level of knowledge or capability in the offshore wind sector. All we ask for is a strategic ambition to explore and increase your capability and understanding within the offshore wind sector.  

The F4OR programme is open to companies from other sectors who have complimentary skills, products or services which can be transferred to offshore wind.   

The Sharing in Growth Offshore Wind programmes is a more advanced programme for companies who already have a proven track record within the offshore wind sector.  

From being informed of a successful application, the typical programme durations are as follows:

  • WEST – 3 to 4 months
  • F4OR – 12 – 18 months
  • Sharing in Growth – Multi-year programme

OWGP’s Business Transformation programmes have supported over 185 companies to enhance their capabilities and knowledge within the offshore wind sector with the number growing each month! The nature of our beneficiary companies has ranged from 1-2 person businesses right up to multi-national organisations with global footprints covering all phases of the offshore wind lifecycle 

When our programmes are accepting applications, the application information can be found on the following web-page under the relevant programme header: .

Our programmes are delivered by strategic partner organisations and expert consultants who have vast knowledge and experience across offshore wind sector and wider business areas. This allows OWGP support to have increased impact to support growth in the sector.   

Many companies who have gone through one of the programmes have seen an increase in offshore wind knowledge thereby helping them accelerate winning work in the sector.

Since 2020 a subset of 185 BT supported companies have collectively;

  • increased by 635.5 Jobs in Offshore Wind
  • increased Turnover by £116M in Offshore Wind
  • reported >£44m in annual revenue from exports in Offshore Wind
  • have developed 96 new marketable products or services for the sector

We have written detailed Scope and Guidance documents for all of our programmes which can be found at

If you’re not too sure – reach out to a member of the team who will be happy to help you: .