Business Transformation Programmes

The Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) has launched a new Business Transformation opportunity, offering up to £700,000 of support to companies which will be delivered by OWGP in partnership with Expert Consultants and Strategic Partners. This funding, combined with existing live Business Transformation opportunities provides support of up to £2.2m.

Our developing suite of Business Transformation Programmes will support companies at different stages of their journey within the Offshore Wind Sector to realise increased impact, productivity and growth.

Our tiered support will enable us to reach companies of all different shapes, sizes and levels of maturity within the Offshore Wind Sector. This includes companies from other sectors who hope to transition into offshore wind.

The OWGP is seeking submissions to its latest opportunities:

Building new capacity in offshore wind by enabling UK businesses with existing capability in adjacent sectors to de-risk existing processes and diversify.

Wind Expert Support Toolkit (WEST)

WEST is a low intensity foundation intervention activity which aims to support growth of offshore wind supply chain companies through provision of specialist advice, market intelligence and insight into the sector.

The Sharing in Growth Offshore Wind Programme

Sharing in Growth Offshore Wind is a high intensity advanced programme which aims to support ambitious companies who are looking to commit themselves to accelerate growth in the offshore wind sector.

The Sharing in Growth Offshore Wind Pilot Programme focuses directly on Strand B – Business Competitiveness and the WEST Pilot Programme focuses directly on Strand B – Business Competitiveness and Strand C – Building New Capacity.

The WEST Programme 2021

In line with the Strand B and C objectives, the purpose of WEST is to provide companies with a structured business support programme with access to specialist delivery partners and to attract cross-sector engagement enabling new entrants to join the sector.

WEST is a short entry point foundation activity that will include the provision of assessment, support, feedback and recommendations of next steps and action plans for further support as and where required to accelerate growth within the offshore wind sector supply chain. This bespoke support will be delivered by Expert Consultants and will provide a needs-focused approach to business support.

WEST Programme 2021 - Scope & Guidance Download WEST Programme 2021 - Application Form Download Briefing Webinar Recording - 28th May 2021 Download Briefing Webinar Slides - 28th May 2021 Download

Key Dates

  • EoI Applications Open – 19th May 2021
  • Online Briefing Event – 28th May 2021, 14:00 – 15:00. You can access the briefing webinar recording and slide-pack above.
  • Applications will be assessed and onboarded on a rolling basis, please refer to the WEST Scope and Guidance document for assessment wave closure and indicative start dates

Wave Closure Application Dates

  • Next Wave Application closure date: 29th October 2021
  • Wave 4 Application closure: 24th December 2021
  • Wave 5 Application closure: 25th February 2022

The Sharing in Growth Offshore Wind Pilot Programme

The Sharing in Growth Offshore Wind Programme is a long-term advanced activity which will support UK companies who are already working in the offshore wind sector requiring focused support or strategic input to enhance their future direction and growth opportunities.

SiG will work with selected companies to understand current leadership and organisational practices and embed proven approaches to drive organisational improvements.

Companies participating in the SiG OW Programme will need to be ambitious and aiming to accelerate growth, with an existing site turnover of between £5m – £100m per annum.

SiG OW Expression of Interest Application Form Download SiG OW Scope & Guidance Document Download SiG OW Information Flyer Download

Key Dates

  • The Sharing in Growth Offshore Wind Programme is open for applications
  • Please contact the team to arrange a 1-2-1 discussion about the programme

Contact Information

All completed Application Forms and supporting material should be submitted to the OWGP Team no later than 5:00pm on the stated Competition Closing Date.

Your submission MUST include the completed Application Form and any supporting information.

For any help or additional information, Contact Us.

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