Offshore Wind Growth Partnership

Funding and Support Opportunities

There are two types of funding and support opportunities we offer, Business Transformation and Grant Funding, click on an option below to find out more.


Top tips for a successful Development Grant Funding application

Ensure you are eligible before submitting an application

Check that your eligible project costs are within the grant range for the grant, £50k to £500k. If the grant request is not within this range the proposal will be rejected .

Submit an application that meets the eligibility criteria and scope – ask if unsure.

Ensure the project has tangible outputs and delivers more than ‘business as usual’ activities.

Demonstrate clear market understanding – applicants need to demonstrate where they fit in the offshore wind market and how this can be exploited for company growth. Quantify wherever possible.

Pay close attention to KPI alignment i.e. if the project will not generate UK jobs or exports it is unlikely to be successful.

Check your project finances are correct across all budget lines including internal labour versus sub-contracting costs.

Submit accurate costs and be prepared to provide evidence. All costs must be justified and broken down to demonstrate value for money. Labour costs are scrutinised heavily.

Provide justification for all forecasts and explain how they align with the market opportunity – ambition is great, but forecasts need to have rationale.

If you need to use overseas partners or subcontractors in your application, notify OWGP and provide clear justification for not using UK suppliers.

Talk to us if you are seeking introductions to suitable delivery partners.

If you are resubmitting a previous application, make sure you fully address all feedback and comments. You can only resubmit once.

If you have additional material to add (eg supporting documents or letters), wait and submit it in stage 2.

Let us know if you are open to any commercial partnerships or profit-sharing agreements (not essential).

Make it clear in the application if you are anticipating any changes to the company during the life of the project e.g. dedicated project company, new company name, new website, rebranding etc.