Strand B

Business Competitiveness


Review and develop supply chain performance to equip UK companies for national and global growth.


Improved operational efficiency and quality of UK supply chain to enable it to expand in both UK and global markets.


ORE Catapult will work with a network of delivery partners and specialist advisors to provide direct support to companies.

  • Introductory level - business support e.g. F4OR
  • Advanced level – specialist advisory services
  • Demonstration – small-scale trials of new operations

Case Study

Company B fabricates secondary steel for oil and gas substructures.  The fall in the oil price resulted in sharp reduction in contracts and Company B has started to diversify into secondary steel for the offshore wind sector.  Whilst winning some contracts, Company B has struggled to expand as competition has increased and it has been unable to adapt to serial processes required to be competitive in offshore wind.

The OWGP leads Company B through a review process that considers fabrication and port facilities, organisational structure, fabrication processes and people development.   Specialists from several of the delivery partners coordinate the review process, working hand in hand with Company B’s leadership team to identify opportunities to improve competitiveness.

Having identified the potential gains from a new welding process, a pilot programme is established to demonstrate the new technique and how it could be applied to Company B’s production line.  The pilot demonstrates that the process meets the design codes, helps protect the IP and establishes the business case for further investment.

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