Strand C

Building New Capacity


Increasing the breadth of the UK supply chain by attracting cross-sector engagement and enabling new entrants to join sector.


Expanded supply chain with new companies entering the market.


ORE Catapult will manage Strand C with support from other sector supply chain organisations and growth partnerships.

  • Strategic Capability Assessmentme
  • Cross sector engagement programme
  • Analysis of barriers to entry
  • Support for new entrants

New entrants from oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, energy systems and related sectors.

Case Study

Case Study – Example of possible support activity ‘Company C’ designs and manufactures compact power converters for the defence sector. ‘Company C’ considers developing its range of products to enter the offshore wind sector but finds the market difficult to understand and not large enough for a bespoke product.

The OWGP could provide support to revisit the market analysis and provided clear requirements for next generation turbines. The OWGP could convene workshops with input from one or more turbine OEMs to examine novel technologies and how they could be integrated with future designs. This would provide ‘Company C’ with the confidence that their expertise could compete successfully both in the UK but has appropriate IP protection to address the growing global market.

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