OWGP’s grant funding has been critical in moving our business forward. It enabled us to commit to the project and get prototypes into the hands of the big utilities.

Gaby Amiel, Co-Founder and CEO, Sennen.

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OWGP Support

Grant Funding
Business Transformation

OWGP Support

Grant funding to develop Sennen’s core technology from managing single site windfarm operations to multi-site operations, helping the organisation to scale.


  •  Propelled the business to win contracts with large portfolio operators.
  •  Helped to double the company’s turnover in a year.
  •  Increased company size by a third.

A centralised cloud-based system to manage offshore wind operations

Business Profile

Before OWGP’s assistance:

  • Software developer
  • Operating in other renewable sectors
  •  < 10 employees


In early 2020, Sennen knew there was an urgent need for its technology in the offshore wind sector. Wind farm operators with multi-site operations were using multiple management tools to monitor their sites and struggling to paint a clear picture of their operations as a whole. Swamped with incomparable data it was complicated and time consuming for operators to understand where they should focus their efforts to mitigate losses and improve operating efficiency.

The marketplace was flooded with technologies that solved problems in isolation but no one provider was able to give operators sight of the big picture. Sennen knew how to do this but needed a cash injection to develop its technology so that it could offer multi-site capability.

OWGP Support

OWGP provided Sennen with two separate funding grants over a 12-month period.

The first grant in 2020 of £37,000 enabled Sennen to initiate, in partnership with a very large offshore wind farm, development of a ground-breaking system to measure and minimise lost production from turbine downtime.. This project gave Sennen the opportunity to showcase its technology and win a critical contract with a major utility. OWGP’s funding support cushioned the risk.

A second grant in 2021 allowed Sennen to develop its offshore management system to perform across multi-site windfarm operations and provide a competitive management solution for wind farm operations of the largest scale.


The funding support Sennen received from OWGP has been a catalyst for significant business growth.

In the same year as awarding Sennen the second grant fund, the company has secured a contract with European energy giant EDF Renewables to use the software across its global offshore wind portfolio..

Sennen now proudly delivers a software system that is fully scalable across windfarm operations of all sizes and is a market leading solution in improving the operational efficiency and safety of wind farms.

“OWGP’s grant funding has been critical in moving our business forward. It enabled us to commit to the project and get prototypes into the hands of the big utilities. We have been able to test our hypothesis while cushioning the risk. We’re now winning contracts with large scale operators as a result.” – Gaby Amiel, Co-Founder and CEO

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